Kofe Samoa

C1 Espresso in Christchurch, New Zealand, is renowned for its pioneering espresso and recognised for its unique and quality cafe experience. C1 Espresso owners Sam Crofskey and Fleur Bathurst first partnered with WIBDI in 2009.

Coffee has been grown in Samoa since the first Europeans arrived, but it's mostly the Robusta variety, which is not suitable for espresso coffee. In 2011 a massive planting programme for Arabica coffee began with more than 300 families.

The partnership is creating a sustainable coffee industry that is environmentally and socially sensitive. Families are trained to plant, process and package organic coffee for the Christchurch cafe and are in turn running a business, which provides a cash income.

C1 Espresso also imports honey and fruit pulps from Samoa. Commercial honey production in Samoa stems from another WIBDI project.

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