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"Connecting Women in Business Development’s network of organically certified family farms in Samoa to a sustainable, commercial relationship with Samoa’s hotels and restaurants."


The Big Picture

 Currently Samoa’s hotels and restaurants are importing almost 70% of their farm produce, which means local famers are missing out on a valuable market and diners, especially tourists, are missing out on true Samoan food. Farm to Table Samoa aims to have family farms supplying the majority of restaurants’ agricultural needs within three years.


The Design 

This system was designed by chef and author Robert Oliver, who developed it in the Caribbean where he was the executive chef for three resorts. There he connected small family farms to the resort menus through the development of long-term supply agreements.

Farm To Table operates a supply guarantee system where “consistency is our first product”. It aims to provide capacity across the value chain—from the certified organic farmers to Women in Business Development to restaurant owners and managers. 

The programme began in December 2013. It aims to create a sustainable source of income for farmers as well raise the profile and quality of Samoa’s cuisine. It also leverages the successful Mea’ai Samoa cookbook, written by Robert Oliver as a tool for development in Samoa.

As part of the programme, Women in Business Development provide training, seeds and support to farmers while taking on the ordering, grading and delivery role. In addition, Robert Oliver provides training and support to restaurant chef.

UNDP is providing financial support for the main aspects of the programme. 

The Farmers

We have more than 20 farmers on this programme and that number is increasing as the orders increase. These farmers are working farms that range in size from once acre, to one hundred acres. They are of course, certified organic, and are providing valuable input into the runnung of the programme. Meet one of our farmers on the programme!


Repeka has always been an organic farmer, preferring to use her own hands to till her soil, plant her fruit and vegetables instead of using chemicals.

“This is a good programme, especially for me with no husband. I have two adopted children and two grandchildren. I farm according to my own strength. Also it is healthy, I look at my father and he is 85 and healthy and I believe it is because he never used chemicals on his farm.”

Repeka is a certified organic farmer and has been with Women In Business Development since 2002. Repeka is part of the Farm to Table and Organic Baskets Programmes. She also appeared in Robert Oliver's award-winning Me'a Kai - The Food and Flavours of the Pacific book.

                  Repeka Meafou, Faleasiu.





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