Our loyal trading partners continue to assist us with our mission of helping vulnerable Samoan families make a sustainable living from the resources available to them. Virgin coconut oil exports to The Body Shop continue to be consistent every year. Last year The Body Shop International also funded an Australian Business Volunteer to provide advice on WIBDI transitioning into a social enterprise.

Christchurch partner, C1 Espresso's speciality teas are currently in production. The company is eager to import koko Samoa made on Samoan farms. As with all of our partners, they are always looking at new ways to bring more farmers into the WIBDI supply chain.

SkeEye Ltd., an information technology focused company, has been working with WIBDI to upgrade our computer server, create electronic forms so that our field officers can collect data on tablets, and mapped 95% of our farms from the air. Each farm has its own electronic marker so it makes visiting our farmers a whole lot easier - saving money on time and fuel. SkyEye is owned and operated by the Saili family and this programme of work has been funded by the New Zealand Government and hugely financed by CTA.

Janet's is a local retailer that has comissioned WIBDI to produce a line of soaps and scented coconut oils. They are also doing a 10% Fair Trade payment to support our livelihood programmes.

Ethique is a Christchurch-based company that began buying small quantities of coconut oil from WIBDI to make shampoo, conditioners and other beauty products in a bar to reduce the use of plastic bottles. WIBDI has seen an increase in their oil order, which has more than doubled.