That vulnerable families in Samoa are able to contribute fully to their own development, the development of their community and country through income generation, job creation and participation in the village economy.

To provide and empower these families with knowledge and skills, opportunities, access to finance and markets.

That a Samoan model of development must take into account Samoa values, tradition and culture 

That a sustainable change occurs slowly and requires a long-term commitment 

That the most vulnerable people in Samoa need to develop sources of income to increase self-reliance and independence 

That Samoan development requires networking with communities, government and other organisations in Samoa, throughout the Pacific and internationally.

  1. To provide capacity building and support for income-generating activities/programmes

  2. To identify and gain access to markets for products made by vulnerable groups

  3. To establish Women in Business Development Inc as a financially secured organisation with the resources to carry out its mission

  4. To work with likeminded organisations within the Pacific and internationally to develop a common framework for fair trade and organics that enables joint marketing and support in times of natural disasters

  5. To promote awareness of disaster preparedness and food security among WIBDI clients

  6. To develop national strategic alliances with the Ministries and Agencies (Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labour, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, MWSD, NOLA, SVSG etc)