Sponsor a fine mat

To purchase one of these beautiful mats, interested buyers can become part of our fine mat sponsorship scheme. Under the sponsorship scheme weavers are commissioned to weave a mat and paid weekly as the mat is woven. This scheme allows for high level quality control of the weaving process and also provides a regular income to the weavers, which facilitates developing skills in budgeting and family financial planning.

Mats are available in the traditional size of 12 x 9 aga (weaver's handspans, approximately 230 x 210cm), with different width of weave. The approximate prices and times are outlined below:

Mat Size width of weave time taken cost (WST)

12x9 aga 

10 x 8 aga (handspans)


35 weeks x $200

30 weeks x $200



12 x 9 aga


2mm 25-30 weeks x $200



12 x 9 aga 3mm

20-25 weeks x150


Postage and handling will a separate cost and determined by the mailing destination.

Women in Business also has a number of fine mats for sale direct from the office. For further enquiries about these mats or how about sponsoring a fine mat, click here