Women in Business
Development Inc.

Trade. Technology. Tradition.


Women in Business Development Inc is dedicated to strengthening village economies in Samoa in ways that honour indigenous tradition, use traditional and modern technology, and promote fair trade.

Since 1991, we committed to empower and equip rural families to cultivate sustainable businesses that maximize farm-based resources.

Our organization works in 183 Samoan villages and nurtures certified organic farming enterprises. For many, this means being able to send children to school, to pay utility bills and, importantly, to have control over their lives instead of relying on remittances.

On a national scale, our farmers and artisans use their skills and experience to uplift themselves and their communities. Through their collective industry, they are contributing to Samoa's success as a nation.

We also facilitate trade with global and regional partners, including The Body Shop, Ethique, All Good Organics, C1Espresso and Chef Robert Oliver and Pacific Island Food Revolution.

That a Samoan model of development must take into account Samoan values, tradition & culture.

That a sustainable change occurs slowly & requires a long-term commitment.

That the most vulnerable people in Samoa need to develop sources of income to increase self-reliance & independence.

That Samoan development requires networking with communities, government & other organisations in Samoa, the Pacific and internationally.