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23 June 2017. Samoa – The Women in Business Development Inc. happily showcased their wide arrange of products at the bi-monthly Organic Farmers market on Wednesday this week, behind the Samoa Tourism Fale in Apia.

Their extensive range of organic products, also known as the WIBDI Samoa brand, features a variety of oils, soaps, honey, jams, koko samoa, as well as dried banana chips and coffee. These products are all sourced from small scale farmers, and families in the rural areas of Upolu and Savaii.

Since 1991, WIBDI has had the mission to provide rural families and small-scale farmers with knowledge and skills, opportunities, and also the access to finance; enabling  vulnerable families to have a means of financial support, other than remittances.

In an exclusive interview with Samoa Planet, the WIBDI Program Manager June Teaurima described the different products and their sources.

“Our virgin coconut oil is all produced by our certified organic farmers. We have over 700 certified organic farmers here in Samoa. This oil is all produced on their farms and is a very popular product here and also abroad.

We’ve also got a Fetau-Coconut Oil; this oil has a lot of medicinal properties and is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral as well as anti-bacterial.”

Ms. Teaurima also said WIBDI Fetau Oil was a great antidote for muscle aches or pains.

The WIBDI Farm to Table Samoa is a scheme that aims to have family farms supplying the majority of local hotels and restaurants’ agricultural needs. According to Ms Teaurima, this scheme has resulted in the improvement of lives of many local farmers and their families.

“WIBDI is a Non-Governmental Organisation, but we are transitioning into a social enterprise in the coming months. Any profits made basically go back into sustaining the whole business model and the whole program; thereby helping vulnerable Samoan families make a sustainable living from the resources available to them.

“We also help these vulnerable families find markets for their produce overseas, our biggest market at the moment is The Body Shop, UK, which purchases a large amount of virgin coconut oil. This gives our local farmers an income and overall helps the economy of Samoa.”

The WIBDI brand products are available in major supermarkets and retail stores locally. For more information, you can contact Marissa Areli at the WIBDI office, second floor, Nia Mall in Fugalei. Or contact them on +685 21959.


The WIBDI night market is held every fortnight from 3 to 8pm. There is an array of delicious foods available and all organic. It’s a fun, relaxed setting for families with tables and chairs out for them to sit down and enjoy a meal.

Article sourced from Samoa Planet and Written by: Shivani Sharma

Posted: Fri 23 Jun 2017