Organic products on show

Women in Business organised an organic promotion at the Samoa Tourism Authority fale last weekend.  

Through commitment and hard work, organic farmers from different parts of Samoa all had something to bring to the table.

There were different organic products such as taro, niu, bananas, handicrafts and so much more. 

Chief Executive Officer of the Samoa Tourism Authority; Papali’i Sonja Hunter, was impressed by the amazing event.

“Every event always has to start from somewhere,” she said. 

“This is the beginning of this organic promotion and we are working towards developing it.

“The good thing about this is seeing different people all over Samoa coming in with their own organic goods and selling them to the public.”

She acknowledged the Women in Business Development for the initiative.

“Women in Business have done it. It was their focus to promote these organic farmers and their products so that Samoan people would know. 

“Women have started this but behind those women, are also the powerful men that have helped them put this into action.  

“So I’m thankful to God that we are finally able to achieve this. 

“I hope by next year, more people will learn about this promotion; not just the Samoans but our tourists or people from overseas.”

This is only the beginning, she said. 

“This organic promotion will take place every two weeks. I believe that it will develop more and more every week.

“The good thing about this display is not only showing the importance of organic food but also it can benefit our people in a way that you as a customer will be able to get more knowledge about organic food.”

By Seia Soloi and Aruna Lolani. This story was published by Samoa Observer 

Posted: Tue 11 Apr 2017